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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

VISA/permit Application for exchange study at Czech Republic

I had earlier booked a flight itinerary to Jakarta for a leisure trip from 11 – 13 December 2015. I decided that since I am heading there, I should do my VISA application for my exchange study to Czech Republic there. (Embassy of Czech Republic in Singapore closed since 2008, and official Embassy is now at Indonesia but we are able to do it in Kuala Lumpur as well.) We only received our required documents from the school during late November, which we would be busy for exams preparation and exams taking. After checking, VISA application at Indonesia can only be done on a Monday morning. Begrudgingly, I booked another flight for return on 14 December 2015 so that I can do my application and fly back. This means I will miss my flight back to Singapore on 13 December 2015 (Budget flights, unable to change).

I did not get a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) chop in Singapore on my Certificate of Clearance (COC) which totally nulled my application. The place was shoddy and in the middle of a random street and gave me the creeps before I stepped in. I was required to leave my belongings and phone outside the office, making me feel very insecure. It was an unpleasant application as the receptionist repeatedly ‘scolded’ me for not knowing to fill up many important parts of the application which we are unable to find out online but rather only during the application face-to-face. Failing my application, I immediately left for the airport to await my flight back to Singapore. I wasted my extra stay at the hotel and the wasted money travelling around by myself. It made me feel very aggravated and upset having wasted all the time and money.

In fact, a blessing in disguise, it was lucky that Indonesia side did not process my VISA application as they do not send the approved VISA to Czech territory. It takes 60 days for a student VISA and I am unable to collect it at Indonesia as I will already be at Czech Republic after that 60 days. However, at Kuala Lumpur (KL), we can instead apply for Long term residence permit which is not exactly a VISA but will allow our stay at Czech Republic and Europe, and they are able to send our approved permit/VISA to Czech Republic itself for our collection.

Before heading to the embassy at KL, I headed to 41/B of Millenia Tower in Singapore to superlegalise my COC after getting the MFA chop. In the embassy at Indonesia, they provide translation and superlegalisation of our documents, whereas in KL, they will only process and chop our application and send to Czech Republic for approval. I had to wait a week before the Consulate Officer of Czech Republic in Singapore returns from leave to do the superlegalisation (only available on Monday/Wednesday). After which, a wait of another week for a Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon for a walk-in VISA application at KL.

Arriving at embassy in KL, the officer told me that they do not provide translation services and I was almost at the end of the line as I failed at Indonesia already. I needed to translate the bank statement and COC. He allowed me to use his office phone to dial the translation services as I thought I needed them on the spot for him to process my VISA/permit application. However, he was really kind and helped me to process the other documents and told me to email him the translated documents when in Singapore instead. He saved my life. The translation services he recommended can be done online and are legit with their company’s chop insignia. After which, I sent him the documents ASAP.

Visa & Travel Insurance

Certificate of Clearance - $55.00
Remarks: Go down to Criminal office to apply. Forms are provided. 5 working days. I collected in 3 days. If you are in a rush, email them for help.
Certificate of Clearance

Overseas Study Leave (NTU) - $53.50
Remarks: Required for local University.

Travel Insurance - $257.00
Remarks: For whole study exchange. Only required when collecting VISA/permit.

Bank Statement - $21.40
Remarks: Official statement by the bank required for VISA application. 1-2 days.
MFA chop - $10.00
Remarks: Immediate at MFA. Yes, one simple chop of S$10.

Bus to Kuala Lumpur - $31.50 & $33.22
Remarks: Took overnight bus. Visa application on Monday morning 9am. Return bus on the same day.

Superlegalisation of COC - $33.50
Remarks: 325000 Indonesia Rupiah payable to officer. (walk-in)

Visa application (183RM) - $61.00
Remarks: 183 Ringgit for VISA/permit application. (Indonesia is about S$100 in rupiah)

Total - S$556.12

Visa requirements:
1) Passport
2) 2 front-facing passport photos
3) Bank statement and photocopy of card (must have sufficient amount for period of stay)
4) Application form (some parts are unable to fill in full so I wrote on a blank piece of paper neatly in number bullets.)
5) Certificate of Clearance with MFA chop and superlegalised.
6) Letter of employment/acceptance (for work or for school or legit reason for VISA)
7) Proof of accommodation (must have a confirmed place of stay)
8) Money for application (183 Ringgit for KL, S$100 in rupiah for Indonesia)
9) Travel insurance (only required during collection of approved VISA/permit)

Bus services

Recommended: First Coach, Aeroline, Grassland, Eltabina, KKKL.

Avoid: Lionstar, Transtar, Golden Coach, StarMart/Konsortium/GoldStar/Billion Star/Alisan(worse), Nice bus.

If you must take the buses from the not recommended list, try to go for the premium seats.

I took KKKL overnight bus to KL and took Eltabina back to Singapore.
KKKL took us from Katong V Mall in Singapore to Berjaya Times Square Hotel in KL. (11.59pm - 5am.)
The Eltabina was late by 20 odd mins and the 7 of us waiting were kind of panicking. We kept asking around and only a few hotel lobby staff from Ansa Hotel at Bukit Bintang (used to be Piccolo Hotel, which is the place indicated in the departure point instructions) knew and affirmed that we were waiting at the right location. Eventually, an Eltabina bus came but it was for the later batch. Instead, a minivan picked us up and sent up forward, sort of intercepting the bus to pick us up. It was a long ride and most of us kind of dozed off. Luckily we managed to board our bus and were more relaxed. It was a comfortable ride but they had to stop by Yong Peng (about 4pm) for the break which wasted about an hour plus of time. 12.20pm (actual scheduled timing) departure, arrival and cleared customs at about 7.30pm (seriously too long a break, and many pitstops for toilet breaks. Ok it may be sufficient for the others.)

Important addresses & Information
Consulate of the Czech Republic
One Temasek Avenue
41st Floor, Millenia Tower
Singapore 039192
Tel: 6434 9825
Fax: 6338 9292
Email: singapore@honorary.mzv.cz
MON & WED 9am - 12pm

Embassy of Czech Republic
42/B The Intermark Vista Tower
348, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: + 60 3 21662900
Fax: + 6 03 21665700
Office Hours
Mon - Fri 8 am - 4.30 pm
Consular Hours (Visa application hours)
Mon 09 - 11 am
Wed 01 - 03 pm

jammeD' at-|6:33 PM|

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rest day from Visual Impact training

Today I am back at the stations. It's been quite some time since I got to do station. Haha the juniors are great, always let me slack instead of doing stations. Brrr. But its fine, get to scold some NSman and slack and have some peace by myself. The office is always too crowded since the influx of new ASAs or you can call them clerks, came in. there are just too many of them, so inefficient the more clerks we have. But thanks to the influx, they have finally taken over their role of conducting Body Age - this programme and equipment we have to find your body's age (susceptible to error since its saf property).

On monday I started a Visual Impact workout. It is insane I tell you, totally insane! Bench press, incline bench, chest flys, military press, lateral side raises, overhead tricep extension, nautillus shoulder press, cable pressover, close-arm push ups which I couldn't even deliver. Lastly HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to end it all, 15mins of 7sets of sprints - 1:3 work to rest ratio 30secs sprint. The intervals are utmost as they are powerful and helps to build power and burn fats fast and to increase metabolism due to post-oxygen blablabla. After the first two workouts I was stoked, I couldn't raise my elbows above my shoulders and shit but I had to carry on and finish the burn. I also needed assistance for almost everything, haha. I'm just not the gym kind of person from my past, but its cool, working harder by the day. My friend Hwee Kiat and I just started on this workout to reach our goal to look better than the model. It is easy to train to become strong and be big. But it is difficult to be tough and ripped at the right size. It is going to be an interesting journey of workouts. Loving the pain and fatigue. It means that I have done a full workout and pushed myself hard to the limit.
We were suppose to workout today as well but we messed up the dates. 2 days work and 1day rest schedule. Lucky I got to rest, so I just did my p90x abs and some kettlebell squat cardio and deadlifts. Just to pump it up since I'm eating more meat.
Weightlifting is of vital importance so that the diet can feed the muscle and burn the fat instead of the other way round.

I am going to try and finish as much shows and books as I can, just to make my life much more knowledgeable and well-rounded. Always been bad at general knowledge. Cannot let this place and jov eat me up.

Ohyeah must get those macaroons and friday! & also try to meet fiona for lunch at cjc next week. Brr its so far from my camp! Tsk. But its k ahah.

jammeD' at-|7:07 PM|

Monday, September 17, 2012

Impromptu movie and an awesome beef sambal fried rice for dinner!

Ted was a really great and funny show man. They were just so asshole, but really entertaining to watch, haha. As expected, having a movie led by directors like one from Family Guy, totally full of shit movie and fun. I had this $40 package for Cathay Cineplexes consisting of 4 movie vouchers and 2 free movies passes which i received with the new registration of a DBS Visa Card. Thanks to that, we saved quite abit for the weekend tickets with each costing only $7.30. Awesome voucher there.

Well, i've been watching White Collar like crazy and it is a really good series and i just cannot stop watching, hahaha. The way they manipulate any situation and the people around, understanding them and things, playing psychology with people so well and it feels so true, the way you look at people, the way you see or say things and what to say. It is so detailed and well-scripted.

It is been long since i have sat here on this desk and started blogging again, but i felt that it will be interesting and memorable for me as i have short term memory. It gives me a story, for a certain life that i lead which walks many paths, some alone, many self-centred, but through them all, it helps me to see the light, the peace that i have attained. Yes, i am happy, but it is because of how i perceive life. I am living in a comfortable and sheltered home, well-fed, paid enough to spend how i want to, living a good life in the army, easy to work with unit mates and commanders, what more can i ask for? Actually, i would ask for the life of love and sincerity that i had lead, to be with people of love, to share love, and to fellowship with sincerity, to be abound to a family committed to the Faith, and to recall my family with everyone and recategorized as a true big family of love, faith and of hope. Lest to judge and let people do what they want, as long as come back and serve and love thy Faith and of Thy Father, foremost why then we thou hatred haste, but bring brethen together to our journey ensures.
He wants us together as a community, not a group of people to rub against each other and piss the shit out of each other, but to disgress yet work together in different circumstances, and through the difficult and stormy times with one another can we see how different each and every one of us are and to see the importance of how every single role was played. It defines us indefinitely and creates a path for a future of bright lit way for which many has distaste and anger for but yet arms themselves for whatever passion they may call which was driven by thus far.

Today the Gospel asks, : Who are you called to be? I say I am still not sure, i want a degree in PE (physical education) in NTU NIE but is unsuccessful. Psychology in SIM which is a craving but not a need but a useful skill but not a definite valued one in the current economy. Sigh.

Tomorrow it is time to beef up in the gym and pump the body out!

Loving trance and electric music.. Peace.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Catching up on TV series!

Days have past since I came back from Taiwan and quickly after, from Hong Kong as well, things seem peaceful and less stressful. The feeling of being an ORD personnel still lingers. I enjoy my job being a PTI, and the company of people I have around me. They promote peace, fun and great teamwork and acquantainship. I am glad I'm being treated so well to serve my term in army... Until the faithful date, 2 March 2013 (Sat), which means I will ORD on the 28 Feb 2013 due to Friday being a non-working day for me. Practically I would love to keep this job and the people, but I don't think I can because the pay sucks and I really need to enrol in a proper school and study - if I am able to even get pass an application to a school - currently still distressed on what to study and what is my calling due to taking so much time to enjoy.

On the other note, I have decided that I want to finish up the shows that I really wanted to watch since I am so carefree and of course very loose free at the moment I should grasp it. Dropped by Mark's place and get as much as I can. White Collar is an amazing show between the alleged art thiefs and the FBIs. The twists in the cases and plots are so fun and entertaining to watch and the cliff hangers are, I'd say not yet any abit disappointing. It's great. Next I'd like to finish up Grimm - fairytales coming to life and Sherlock Holmes. I may alos like to finish up Walking Dead as I saw that season 3 is out.

Recently I have been quite focused on burning fat and feeding the muscle. I've become more serious and actually putting some work into it. I realized I do not have much proper relative workout planned for my training yet but hopefully I have a clear path and exercise to work on. Last week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I ran 4km each day. I became addicted to the mileage and the burn and the run, I ended Thursday with 5.4km - a run from my place to Kurt's and Camilla's area and back. Sunday I plunged into the AHM which wasn't a 21km as NSF are not allowed to participate (safety issues as many NSFs and NSMen passed recently). I ran 10km with my sling bag - no bag deposit (urrgghh), and met Clarence, Gregory, Justin, Daniel, Man Sheng, along the way. Clarence drove and I sat in his amazing VW car.
Last week I clocked a distance of 27.4km. This week monday 1km, tuesday 4km, wednesday 1.6km, Thurs intervals total up 2.4km, Fri 4km. Total Sept 2012: 40.4km (my legs are aching due to some calisthenics squats and sprints I did but long distance is fine)

On a side note, talking about serious training, I bought Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold. Time to rip and lean it up. Gyming harder than before.. Hopefully it pays off (: cutting down carbs and I have to stop binging till I'm lean.

Talking about today, on the bus 45 which I luckily caught up to if not I will be super late, an elderly man spoke to me whom shared seats with me. I was sitting there enjoying my music off my fake Beats earphones. He asked me whether the Beats are really good. I explained to him that it was fake but yet still great, and talk to him about the prices, $10 to $300 range for fake and real. He seemed like a man who may be dealing in business with it. Wish him luck. From his shades and rolex watch, definitely a businessman.

I hope I have a good week ahead, I need to focus on the spiritual side of things. I'm much too physical. I need to be. I can't just be in the spiritual mode. People need me but I can trust God to guide me and use me to do the work.

jammeD' at-|5:27 AM|

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Le sigh.

08/05 Rear and front shoulder fly 10kg 10x3 Shoulder raises press 10kg 12x3 12.5kg 12x2 Posterior deltoid raise 12.5kg 10x3 Side shoulder press 10kg x15, 7.5kg x15, 5kg x15, 4kg x15, 3kg x15. Superset. Bicep curl 10kg 12x3 P90x abs 09/05 weds 3km run 14mins @ 1m 45s/400m Max hops 30x3 Heisman 30secs x3 Squat jumps with spin 30secs x3 Extensive calf raises 1x10 Bicep curls 10kg 12x3 Overhead tricep extension 7.5kg 12x3 I have not been training consistently and feeling ups and downs this few weeks. I need my church and my spiritual input and my friends. Slowly but surely i realised how bad my personality in dealing things is. I am aware of my behaviour, my actions and my emotions. However i cannot seem to be bothered to change them. But that is truly life, being the norm and gently nice and cuddly all the time do not make things happen. It is the drama that unfolds, the anger, and zeal, and the act of command and determination and everything that makes us uncomfortable, makes life move. We all need the push whether we like it or not. Working the weekends is causing a toll on me. It sucks however slack it is, we are underpaid, and there is no point doing it.

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